Snowridge Remodeling | 20 Years of Building and Renovating Homes
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Snowridge Remodeling

Whether remodeling a single space or adding an entire new room, Snowridge Remodeling brings you the highest quality home remodeling services at affordable prices. With over 24 years of renovating Seattle area homes, our expertise goes beyond just building and construction mastery – we ensure the safest, most comfortable, and least disruptive experience possible for homeowners and their families.

Discover why our clients value our integrity and craftsmanship. Contact us to schedule an appointment to look at your project!

Window View

Our Services


From new windows to a new addition (and everything in between), Snowridge will enhance your home’s vintage charm or give it a modern update.

ADU Cottage House

We’re experts in Seattle’s hottest trend – Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). We’ll work with you, architects, and city building departments to design and build a backyard cottage for your property.

Multi Family

We work with property management and associations for full envelope inspections, structural repairs, and reconstruction on apartments, townhouses, and condominiums.

Repairing Structure

We repair dry rot and structural rot damage commonly found in siding, decks, and walls in the Pacific Northwest. You’ll have peace of mind with our fully-documented Demo & Discovery Agreement.

How We Work With You

Open Communication

Our team of highly skilled project managers, carpenters, and subcontractors will answer your questions and concerns.

Detailed Project Documentation

You’ll know exactly what’s going on with our detailed photos and scope of work descriptions. Watch the progress of your project on a custom website we create for you via BuilderTrend.

Respect for Your Home

We keep your home safe and clean while we work. We follow EPA renovation guidelines and set up dust containment systems to protect your family and your home.

New Kitchen