Snowridge Remodeling - How to Choose Your New Kitchen Cabinets
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Kitchen Cabinets

How to Choose Your New Kitchen Cabinets

Budget is Not the Only Consideration when Buying Kitchen Cabinets

The type of kitchen cabinet you buy is dependent on a number of factors. Apart from affordability, other selection criteria include the existing decor and style of the kitchen and home itself. Some major considerations when buying kitchen cabinets are discussed below.


If you are in the market for kitchen cabinets, you should know the basics about types of cabinets. There are four basic styles, namely, stock, ready-to-assemble, semi-custom and custom. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. The least expensive types are stock and ready-to-assembly kitchen cabinets. These are also easier to get as you buy them from the store since they are already made. Some homeowners like that they can just walk into the store and select what they want.

Semi-custom built cabinets gives the homeowner some choice in the type of drawers and the dept and size. They take a little longer to make due to the modifications needed. As to be expected, custom-built cabinets are more expensive and will take longer to make.

One of the advantages of buying stock cabinets is that you can go into the store and examine them before buying.

Material and Quality

This is important as it affects the quality and durability of the cabinets. Material used for kitchen cabinets include wood, plywood, laminate, particle board or even metal. The construction of the cabinet is important.

Look at the cabinets, the rollers, the knobs and pulls and the hinges for the doors. These are all ways of determining the quality of the kitchen cabinet. Do the doors squeak when being open? Is it difficult to pull the drawers out or do they slide out easily?

If buying stock for ready-to-assembly units, try to buy brands that are known. That way you are more likely to buy kitchen cabinets that are of a good quality.


Here you have choices, especially if you are having your cabinet custom built. You can go with built-in wine racks or a pull-out recycling bin. Roll out shelves make it convenient to reach items stored to the back of the cabinet.


This important and will affect the color of the cabinet and the design. Dark colors are better for large kitchens and tend to give the kitchen a more rustic luck. If you want your kitchen to look brighter, airier and bigger, using lighter colors such as white or made cabinets from light colored wood like cherry and ok is your best choice.

Seattle Kitchen Remodeling and Choosing the Right Cabinet

Make sure to ask about the warranty on your kitchen cabinet. The shorter the warranty, the more likely it is that the cabinet is not of the best quality. Buying kitchen cabinets should not be done in a rush. Take your time to find exactly what you want, especially if you plan on staying in that house for years to come.

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