Snowridge Remodeling - Residential Remodeling
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Residential Remodeling

Inside, outside, all around the house – Snowridge Remodeling can help make your home beautiful, safe and energy-efficient.

Remodeling Services

Whether you’re remodeling a room or adding a DADU, Snowridge Remodeling offers
you over 24 years of expertise that goes beyond construction mastery. We’re a strive to ensure the safest, most comfortable, and least disruptive experience possible for homeowners and their families.

Here’s what you can count on when you work with Snowridge:

Our contracts are fixed-cost, meaning you will know exactly how much your project will cost.

If needed, we offer a pre-construction process where we work with your plans and your budget to create that fixed-cost proposal. We do our best to minimize change orders by pre-planning as much as possible. We’ve found that doing this work upfront can save a lot of time, money and headaches for you and our team.

We follow “best construction practices,” which means adhering to the latest building codes and using top quality materials. Your project will not only look its best, but it will also be functional, safe and long-lasting.

We respect your home, family, pets and neighbors during the remodel process.

You can track the progress of your project with your own personal online site, where you can view job photos and work calendars.

Bath with large tiles