Snowridge Remodeling - Structural Repair
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Structural Repair

Inside, outside, all around the house – Snowridge Remodeling can help make your home beautiful, safe and energy-efficient.

Dry Rot and Structural Rot Repair

Due to the wet climate, dry rot is especially prevalent in the Pacific Northwest. 

The term “dry rot” is a misnomer; dry rot is a fungus and requires moisture to live.

Dry rot causes widespread structural damage. Once established, it can quickly spread through the entire building. The source of its moisture must be discovered and eliminated.

It’s a disheartening sight for a homeowner, but Snowridge Remodeling is an expert in dry rot detection, repair, and prevention.

Read our blog post about getting rid of dry rot.

Mount Baker Exterior Deck
Chimney Chase Rot

Top 5 Things to Know About Dry Rot

  1. Often, the rot is due to improper construction practices. Leaky gutters are also culprits.
  2. The dry rot fungus soaks up moisture from timber, and then develop strands which can travel across and through bricks and mortar to other timbers in unventilated conditions. It cannot feed on the masonry but carries the moisture with it in the strands to allow it to spread. We’ve found dry rot in walls, decks, framing, and joists.
  3. The presence of small red ants in your home is a sign that you may have moisture problems.
  4. The most important step in ridding your home of dry rot is to find the leak that’s feeding it. Eliminating the moisture will keep the fungus from spreading.
  5. Usually, the repair process involves locating all the damaged wood and either replacing it, or treating it with epoxy products.

If you suspect dry rot, contact Snowridge Remodeling today, and keep your home safe.