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It has been my fortunate opportunity to hire, and work with Kirk Knight of Snowridge Remodeling and his talented journeyman crew of carpenters for a few projects now. — S. Landry, Seattle

BEFORE: rotten stairs are a recipe for disaster.

AFTER: rot is removed and stairs are rebuilt.

Dry Rot Repair

The term “dry rot” is a misnomer, because it’s really a fungus that requires moisture to live. In other words, dry rot LOVES our rainy Pacific Northwest weather! The fungus soaks up moisture from timber, and then develop strands which can travel across and through bricks and mortar to other timbers in unventilated conditions. It cannot feed on the masonry but carries the moisture with it in the strands to allow it to spread. As you can see below, it’s a disheartening sight for a homeowner. We’ve found dry rot in walls, decks, framing and joists. The presence of small red ants in your home is a sign that you may have moisture problems. Often, the rot is due to improper construction practices. Snowridge frequently discovers dry rot while we’re installing new windows or siding, or building decks. Leaky gutters are also culprits. The most important step in ridding your home of dry rot is to find the leak that’s feeding it. Eliminating the moisture will keep the fungus from spreading. Usually, the repair process involves locating all the damaged wood and either replacing it, or treating it with epoxy products. Snowridge carefully inspects your home before and during our remodeling projects. All of our work is performed according to building code as well as best practice construction standards.

If you suspect your home is under siege from this insidious fungus,

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