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Current Projects

April 28, 2015: The Invasion of the Carpenter Ants: a recent project got more complicated when we discovered a colony of ants happily munching away on this home’s wood structure. An exterminator had to get rid of the colony before we could repair the rotted wood. Check out our video at:

April 13, 2015: Project: build egress for bedroom. Building code states window is to be 44″ from floor to sill and have a  20″ by 24″clear opening. We will be modifying the opening to do this. Below is existing window before we started.


Bedroom window egress

AFTER: We reframed the existing window , lowering it to 44 inches from floor. We installed a new Milgard Montecito window with an offset slider vent that provides a clear opening of 22 inches to meet bedroom egress code. The reason for egress code is to allow firemen to crawl inside during fire.