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Protect Your family

MaEPA_logo_reduced_size_-341x217ny of Snowridge’s clients live in homes built before 1978. We love working on older homes because they often have a lot of character and beauty.

But older homes also have lead-based paint. This paint is usually not a hazard if it’s in good condition, and it is not on an impact or friction surface, like a window. However, during a remodel process, dust from lead-paint surfaces is likely to spread in the air. This dust is a health hazard, especially for young children and pregnant women.

The Environmental Protection Agency has new laws to deal with the safe containment of lead-based dust during remodels. Snowridge is an EPA-certified  renovator.

What does this mean? Snowridge has always followed clean work site practices. The new regulations are simply enhancements of what we’re already doing. Before we start work on a pre-1978 home, we give the homeowner an EPA pamphlet which shows the procedure we’ll be following. We test the remodel area to verify if there is, in fact, lead-based paint. Regardless of whether there’s lead-based paint, we seal off the remodel area with heavy plastic sheeting. During the work, we keep the area dust-free with a special HEPA-filtered vacuum. If there is lead-based paint, we use EPA-certified test kits to insure that no lingering lead-based paint dust is left behind on floors and walls when we’re done.